• Garden Furniture
  • Wooden garden Furniture
  • Garden Furniture

                                                                              All products have discounts up to - 30%

  • 100% ecological product

    Wood is the warmest and most lively natural material

  • Thought-out functionality

    Garden furniture is a successful solution for garden

  • Made in Latvia

    Handmade, made from local Latvian trees



    Garden furniture perfectly complement any green space



  • Round garden table set

    A very comfortable family garden table that will bring joy to feinds and relatives during nice moments spent together.

    This table will perfectly complement your garden with its unique design. The comfortable table will seat a large group of friends, and will be a reliable ally for family celebrations.

  • Armchair

    An ergonomic wooden chair with a unique design that, with its surface curves, is perfectly adapted to the human body.

    These garden resting chairs with a backside will attract many of you after the first touch, and the wooden chair will make your pleasant moments even more enjoyable. Outdoor furniture will fit perfectly into the development of your chosen vacation spot. Massive garden chairs underscore their stability.